Hello there,

Are you someone who appreciates creativity, depth and connection?
Do you yearn to be seen for who you truly are? Maybe that means exploring some erotic edges with a trusted guide, maybe it means allowing someone else to take the reigns for once-to give up control so you can truly relax…
Maybe it means laughing and truly having fun together.
You understand that the life we are living is an experience and you want to make the most of every moment.

Does this sound like you? Then you’re absolutely in the perfect place.

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Eva J.

Creative free spirit and romantic bon vivant with the body of a classic bombshell and the poise of a lifelong dancer.
I’m a down to earth, enchanting inamorata with a healthy sense of humor and playful spirit.

Pleasure is your birthright: Let me be your guide.

Fortunate to be educated at a prestigious northeastern university, my time living abroad and the experience of growing up on the edge of the New York art scene reinforced my curiosity and adventurousness.
Drawn to the bohemian spirit of the west, the sage brush cliffs meeting the rugged sea satiates a certain yearning for the wild unknown.

Ever the seeker, I am fascinated by the richness of experience life continues to offer. You’ll find me easy to be around and able to the invoke the elements to create an unforgettable experience.

Those who know me say my elegance and passionate nature are balanced by an unpretentious open-heartedness that allows me to appreciate the depths of each person I meet.

I’m Excited To Hear Your Story!

There are so many adventures to be shared. No matter what brought you here, you deserve the opportunity for genuine connection.

I’m beyond discerning about those with whom I spend my time, as I’m certain you are too. A lover who knows how to engage a bonafide tête-à-tête yet understands the value of getting out of the head and into the body, is my ideal paramour.

I hope to be yours.

Our time together will be discreet, unrushed and revitalizing.
Are you ready? Let’s make magic together.

I'm ready! Are you?

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