Stats, for those who appreciate numbers:

Age: Early 30s


5’2” in stocking-ed feet

Hazel/green eyes that change in the light

Blonde hair that falls mid-back in waves

Physique: Toned dancer’s body with dangerous curves

Education: Exploring post-graduate options

Passport: Well stamped and ready for more

Tattoos: Small and discreet (edited for privacy)

Favorite Things

Anything by Coltrane

Lounging in my skivvies listening to the summer rain

Finding out what turns you on

Flowers, flowers, flowers! (Indeed, all flowers though I am partial to both the lily and the rose.)

Wabi Sabi

The scent of beeswax candles

Deep tissue massage

Foreign films and obscure documentaries

The intimate poetry of existence

Silk scarves (especially Hermes and vintage Pucci)

Pinball (I’ll be right flipper, you be left;)

La Bernardin (though anywhere involving oysters or French food piques my interest)

Making out at the library

Minds with a penchant for critical thinking

Hearts with a leaning towards personal growth

Closing my eyes and holding hands at the symphony

Mediterranean sunshine

Polaroid photography

Wearing nothing but cashmere

Wearing nothing but lace

Wearing nothing in general:)

Shopping at the farmer’s market and then cooking what’s in season

Hot tubs built for two

Dancing to old 45s

Exploring cosmology over a glass of Sancerre

A really good dad joke

Watching my favorite team win a basketball game

Quotes by Baldwin, Angelou, and Emerson

The wild ocean

“I want all my senses engaged. Let me absorb the world’s variety and uniqueness.”
-Maya Angelou

I'm ready! Are you?

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